Avoid this kind of credit repair | May Result In Jail Time | Credit Sweep, ID Theft, Aged Tradelines

“Avoid this kind of credit repair | May Result In Jail Time | Credit Sweep, ID Theft, Aged Tradelines”

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  1. 1: A CPN number is not a dead persons social security number. A cpn number is used to protect yourself from bad creditors and fraudulent loan companies. Yo do not legally have to give you personal information to any one other than a government official.
    2: Tradelines are legal, as long as you are brokering them from a licensed company (it’s not fraud as it specifically states on your credit report that you are an authorized user and not the individual account holder).
    3: You cannot get convicted of fraud unless you display fraudulent documentation. / Or lie about your identity to a law enforcement or federal / State representative, file taxes, mortgage, student loan, things of that nature.
    4: When filling a police report in most cases you are stating that you are unaware or some things that are on your credit report. Once your loans have been sent to collections another company other than the one you’ve borrowed from will show. Or, some companies lock you into these contracts without telling you the full amount of interest rate then you are stuck with a loan you thought was $15,000 but actually $25,000. Car lots use this strategy all of the time. That’s cause for a police report due to you being charged for a loan that you weren’t away of when you originally filled out and signatured your paperwork.
    Some people envy the successful and go through the process of making videos about janky credit and giving false information. I not once heard the gentleman mention his practice or wether he was a lawyer or a judge. If you you are in need of any of the information pertaining to a cpn it’s best to speak with a licensed attorney.

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